Some of Life’s This/Then’s

What I affirm, is what will show up.
What I choose is what my life will be.
What I think is how I will feel.
What I focus on is what will become.
What I say will have an impact.
What I do is how I spend my time.
Who I spend time with is my choice.
How I spend my time is a gift.
When I create, I know life.
What I believe in, my body will respond to.
When I die is none of my business.
When I choose peace, we win.
When you choose peace, we win.
When I defend, I lose.
When I remember who I am, it’s good.
When I think I am in truth, I am thinking too hard.
Who I seek is in front of me.
Who shows up has always been.
Who is here will forever be.