Let’s see…thank you Ms. Newhouse (3rd grade) for showing me I too could wear a new outfit everyday. Thank you Joy Kruger for tutoring my sister and I for our 4th and 6th grade years. Thank you Mrs. Bryant for putting me back into the average reading group and not…

What I affirm, is what will show up.
What I choose is what my life will be.
What I think is how I will feel.
What I focus on is what will become.
What I say will have an impact.
What I do is how I spend my time.
Who I spend time with is my choice.
How I spend my time is a gift.
When I create, I know life.
What I believe in, my body will respond to.
When I die is none of my business.
When I choose peace, we win.
When you choose peace, we win.
When I defend, I lose.
When I remember who I am, it’s good.
When I think I am in truth, I am thinking too hard.
Who I seek is in front of me.
Who shows up has always been.
Who is here will forever be.

Forest Park, OR

I feel the tired sleeping in…my favorite coping mechanism is getting sleepy. Naps conquer vulnerability.

Hey You. Uggh, I am already rolling my eyes, remembering the people who have called me “You.” Like they know me. WELL, maybe they did or didn’t, and I am grateful for YOU.



Where I live now- PNW. (**random fact: this same night this picture was taken I discover 3 ticks on me)

As I was worrying about something in my 20'ish year old mind, you told me I was a Warrior, not a worrier. I think we were eating ice cream from a business that had taken up rent in one of those new developments. It felt like an in-between kind of…

My groceries, yes. Add to the paradox- I want to hear.

The more I know, the less I know.

Life is serious and seriously light.

Try but don’t try too hard.

Spiritual yet practical.

I am the fierce wind and the gentle brook.

Feelings are valid without being factual.

Feeling good versus believing the good.

I care by not caring.


I have had 4 kind of looks from men:

  1. The “I don’t know who I am or what I want” look. #needy #egotistical
  2. The cold, stoic look. #wheredidyourheartgo
  3. The “I am going to eat you” look. #animalistic #unskilled
  4. The kind and trying-to-understand look. #higherself #friend

And I have given 4…

Lyndsey Rieple Jewelry originals- made of recycled gold, ebony wood, silver, and deer antler

I don’t like jewelry. I like people liking jewelry. I like design: a conscious and sometimes temporary subconscious decision making process that answers some questions and provides more questions to ask.

Recently, I was able to enjoy time with my mom and aunt who live on the opposite side of…

with the help of food analogies.

Feeling the freedom.

Falling in love………………………………………………Growing in love.

I would rather grow in love. Unless I am choosing to dive, not fall, from a diving board into a lovely green jello pool with my toes pointed and my bathing cap on, then falling in love sounds a bit clumsy. The type of…

Lyndsey Rieple

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